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NIH R24AI108564

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an API to directly query the database?

Currently there is no API available. We are evaluating interest in this feature, so please let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

Q: Will new data be added to the database?

Yes, we are working on additional immune cell types (B cells are next in line), and we are also working on epigenomic datasets.

Q: I cannot find my gene!

We are using the Ensembl database and external references as a source of gene names and synonyms. Please confirm if your gene cannot be found on the Ensembl website either, and if so, please email us.

Q: The data has changed from when I last visited, what happened?

We are iteratively adding data, sometimes (rarely) removing data that turns out to be problematic, and in some cases (differential expression analysis), re-normalization of data can also result in changes. The release log traces what has happened over time.

Q: Where can I download the data?

We are waiting for publication of the accompanying manuscript to make complete data downloads public in aggregate form. The data is also available in an access controlled fashion via dbGAP. The link is available on the downloads page.

Q: Will there be an update for the most current reference genome?

Yes, we are working on making a version of the database with GRCh38 available.

Q: Can I get data from individuals?

No. To comply with HIPA regulations, we are providing aggregate information here, and shuffle data on different pages to avoid the ability to link them together. If you need individual datasets, you can apply for access through dbGAP (accession: phs001703.v1.p1 ).


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